In one of our most random, funny, tangent-filled games of ‘Would You Rather?’ ever, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard of The Used. Find out why they don’t mind making mistakes onstage, why they prefer being on the road and why they would want to hang out with Pootie Tang and make the late Michael Jackson a latte. Check out our latest installment of ‘Would You Rather?’ with The Used’s Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard below:

Would you rather be late for a show or mess up onstage?

Jeph Howard: Mess up onstage. I do it every day. [Laughs]

Bet McCracken: If you’re late for a show, that’s ridiculous. We always mess up onstage, every night.

JH: I actually think it’s important to make mistakes because the more mistakes you make, the more you’re actually playing the song as opposed to being on a keyboard and going…

BM: Spacebar…I can imagine for you from your perspective, you see us mess up onstage and we all acknowledge it and laugh about it. How much more human can we all be about it? We just put out a live record that has a lot of mistakes on it, beautiful mistakes.

JH: It’s important, you can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes.

BM: That’s what’s missing from our first two records, the human element of it because that was just the revolution of Pro Tools then – that’s when everything started to be cut and pasted, auto tuned and dragged and put on a grid.

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?

JH: On tour.

BM: On tour. The studio is great but it’s all about traveling and being around friends and getting to play the songs you made in the studio –

JH: Yeah, actually playing it. The studio is so tedious.

BM: We’re lucky that the songs have meant so much to people that they are right there in it with us. It’s a huge sing along and it’s unbelievably humbling.

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or drumsticks for hands?

JH: Oh man, accordion for legs would be awesome! [Laughs] That would be cool, drumsticks for hands would be a pain in the ass man. I can’t play drums at all.

BM: You could be the sickest piano player…oh accordion, I was thinking recorder ... recordion. [Laughs] That’s a devastating question, now I’m depressed.

JH: I’m going accordion for legs, pants would change but I’d get new clothes.

BM: You get the accordion legs, I’ll get the drumstick arms…then you’ll have to jerk me off. [Laughs] Actually with drumstick hands, I can really beat off then. [Laughs]

Would you rather tour with a band you don’t respect or tour with a band that doesn’t respect you?

BM: We tour with bands we don’t respect all the time. [Laughs] That one’s easy.

JH: Yeah definitely that one, I just rather tour with people that are nice. F--- people that aren’t nice.

BM: If we tour with a band that we don’t respect and if they don’t really give a s--- about us and don’t hate on us then that’s fine.

JH: That’s tough because I don’t respect bands that are d---s but if they don’t respect us then they’re probably being d---s. [Laughs] There’s no right answer to that one.

BM: You tryin’ to fool us?

Last one I promise, would you rather have lunch with a music icon who is currently alive or one who has passed away? Who would it be?

BM: Dead! Bring back Jack Kevorkian to kill all the s---y artists…humanely kill them, anesthetize them. I would love to have lunch / slash / pick a fight with / slash / curb check with ...

JH: Slash?

BM: [Laughs] No. I interviewed Slash, I was on that side of the table for a little bit, interviewing people in Australia.

JH: This is tough, do they have to speak English? I guess it would be weird if I didn’t speak whatever language they were speaking.

BM: I like John Lennon, it would be nice to shoot the s--- with John Lennon. I would like to make Michael Jackson a coffee, I think he would like a latte. I make good coffee.

JH: [Laughs] I brought you back to life to make you a coffee. You only have a minute left, so use this time well.

BM: You ain’t going to stay.

JH: I can’t even answer this question, honestly…

BM: Answer dishonestly.

JH: Pootie Tang! Best movie ever, he’s an artist, he’s a musician, one of the best records I’ve ever heard. Yeah I would like to sit down with Pootie Tang.

Our thanks to the hilarious and unfiltered Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard of The Used. Catch the band on the second leg of their 2016 tour. See the dates here.

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