The Rim Rock Drive construction is making a visit to The Monument a pain.

I enjoy being a "tour guide." It's fun to share the cool places I've discovered with friends and family that come to visit. It's rare when I get to turn on someone that's lived here longer than I have but that's exactly what happened last weekend. I invited a friend to see the Colorado National Monument and of course I offered to drive. I had forgotten about the Rim Rock Drive construction.

After a nearly 20 mile detour, we wind up in Glade Park. I wander into the General Store and ask for directions. The nice lady pulled out a map and after heading further west, and a few miles down a gravel road, we finally make it back to Rim Rock Drive. "Well, that sucked." The hike I had planned for us to Devils Kitchen obviously didn't happen. No walking out to the edge of "Cold Shivers Point" and no Ute Canyon View either.

For nearly a month Rim Rock Drive has been closed between the Grand Junction and the entrance to the Monument. It's not only one the main way into the Colorado National Monument, it's also the most direct way to Glade Park.


Rim Rock Road is scheduled to partially reopen April 23rd, however, there's appears to be an issue. The top layer of asphalt has to meet certain specifications and there's been some trouble meeting those specs. As for now, it's unclear when the project will finally be completed. Best advice, if you're heading to the Monument, you're better off entering at Fruita.

It's been tough for the folks in Glade Park. The owner of the Glade Park General Store says business has been "really slow." Really? Now that's saying something for that sleepy, tiny, wide spot in the road.

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