In the 2007 movie Teeth a teenage girl finds she has the power to throw down justice upon men by castrating them. The movie depicts the mythical condition Vagina dentata, which may not be so mythical.

It sounds far fetched for a woman to have teeth 'down there', but a corpse shows it can happen. In the movie Teeth the teenage girl takes off the junk of several men and her doctor's fingers. A 1,600 year old human corpse was found with what scientists call teeth.

The 30-something Roman corpse was found in Spain and archaeologists found she had ovarian teratoma. The Greek term for a 'monster swelling in the ovaries'. Scientists don't know if it killed her or if she even knew. Inside her pelvis four teeth were found.

Apparently her body picked teeth out of the many body parts that could have formed. The cancerous cells have the ability to turn into form human eggs; they have the potential to create hair, bone, eyes and other complex body parts