It looks like the entire world was giving this unlucky Mario Kart 8 player the Luigi death stare in this amazing and hilarious video.

Destructoid has shown us some gameplay footage of Mario Kart 8 that we still can't believe. Sure, everyone has slipped on a banana peel or felt the wrath of a turtle shell while playing Mario Kart, but this is something entirely different. Originally posted on Reddit, YouTube user HowAboutGaming features a spectacular video where a person playing as Daisy goes from first place to last in just seconds.

Just yards away from the finish line, Daisy is knocked out again and again by a succession of weapons. First, a red shell hits her, knocking her out as Toad blazes by and steals first place. As she's in midair, a blue shell smacks Daisy. Right when Daisy lands, another red shell strikes. By the time Daisy recovered from the third shell, seven other riders have passed her. The eight racer, Luigi (of course), bounces into her and knocks her kart off of the bridge, leaving her in last place.

To add insult to injury, Daisy is hit by a massive Bullet Bill right when she is placed back onto the bridge. That's five massive, consecutive strikes that knocked Daisy from first place to last. We're pretty sure nothing could top this amount of decimation and frustration handed to a Mario Kart player in such a short amount of time just a few feet from the finish line.