This might be the most awkward video you watch all day, perhaps all week.

The garter toss is a wedding staple. The newly married bride sits in a chair while her groom explores her nether-regions, removing her garter and tossing it to the single guys in the room. And as the tale goes, the one to catch the garter is the next one to get married. This tradition is usually good for a few laughs and it's all over in about a minute... or in the case of this bride and groom, six minutes. 

Watch as the groom, who is obviously a bit intoxicated by this point, awkwardly dances around the dance floor while Danger Zone plays over the PA. You'd think this would last about 10 seconds or so, but no! He dances through the whole song.

When he finally manages to stumble to his knees to go in for the garter, he stuffs it in his mouth. The look on the bride's face is priceless and we can't help but feel sorry for her because it's obviously ruining the whole day for her. And she's most likely second guessing her decision to marry him.

One word of advice for the bride: ANNULMENT.