Sure, we cover everything console, but we're not named Arcade Sushi for nothing! Check out the artwork for Jersey Jack Pinball's latest pin, The Hobbit!

Jersey Jack Pinball has been making waves lately with their latest pin The Wizard of Oz. Not content to settle on one movie pinball game, they partnered up with Warner Bros. to bring a pin based on the trilogy of The Hobbit films being released.

Jeff Busch was hired as the artist for The Hobbit. His previous pinball work includes Baywatch, Batman Forever and Apollo 13. Jeff said, "I'm very excited to be joining the JJP Team! To be part of a group of such incredibly talented people with so many years' experience under their collective belt is a dream come true. And the fact that "The Hobbit" is my first game with them is just the Middle-Earth icing on the cake".

Here is a current lists of features for the pin:

-Full color cabinet and backbox artwork will be direct printed and clear-coated.

-Digital Stereo sound system which will boom the music and effects. Front of game audio connection jack for headphone/ear bud. Component audio connection jack at rear of game.

-26" LCD HD-Quality monitor which will display scores, animation, movie clips, attract mode, backglass artwork and more.

-RGB-LED Playfield Lighting

-Each game will have a numbered plaque affixed to the game apron to be seen under the playfield glass...

-Bally / Williams Parts

We can't wait to see more! Click here if you've got $7,500 lying around and you want to pre-order one.