Ted Nugent, rock guitar legend, a political conservative, Republican Party and NRA board member, says he supports George Brauchler for governor of Colorado.

The 2018 election season has begun. It feels like we just had a big election and here we are back at it again. In this election cycle, gubernatorial elections will be held in 36 states and three territories.

“It is time to make Colorado again and we finally have the right man to get it done! For all my gun loving, backstrap rockin real American ****kicker Blood Brothers in Colorado, check out George Brauchler for Governor.” Ted proclaimed on Facebook.

The race for governor has only just begun, but already political strategists believe this to be one of most hotly contested in the nation and will shatter Colcorodo governor election race spending records.Besides Brauchler, Republican candidates for governor include Doug Robinson, a nephew of Mitt Romney, and former state legislator Victor Mitchell.

Democrats in the race include State Senator Mike Johnston, former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, and businessman Noel Ginsburg.

Credit: KDVR.com

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