Saturday night after the Denver Broncos fell in the playoff’s Tim Tebow’s bother Peter took to Twitter to bash the Broncos and John Elway. Peter said he was the only person happy in Denver and pointed out to Mr. Elway that was karma. Peter Tebow you couldn’t be more wrong.

First, the Denver Broncos don’t owe Tim Tebow anything. The Broncos drafted him, gave him a chance to play in the NFL and when it came time they let Tebow choose which team he went to. If there is any bashing to be done try the New York Jets. They didn’t even try to get Tim Tebow into games and just let him sit.

As for the karma commit to John Elway, Peter if you are saying that your brother is equal to Payton Manning? What the hell are you thinking? At the end of the day Manning will be in the Hall of Fame and Tim Tebow will not.

If you really want to point the finger at someone for the Denver loss, look at Champ Bailey. Torrey Smith had 98 yards and two TD’s on the 12 time pro bowler, had Champ made just a couple of plays the Broncos win.

As for Peter Tebow try to get a little class.