Western Colorado Shows the Love for Bad Bob
Western Colorado bands, food venues, and production companies came out in force Sunday to show their support for a local musician battling cancer. The Avalon Theatre in downtown Grand Junction was the place to be for an awesome concert supporting Bad Bob Walker.
Sometimes the Simplest Things are the Most Difficult
Have you ever noticed that sometimes the simplest thing can become the most difficult to do. Like when you take a drink of water and miss your mouth, you take a bit of food and bite your tongue or you are walking through the house and trip over the rug. These are every day thing that seem simple but…
Norwegian Kicker Scores NFL Tryout Thanks To Viral Video
While just about every NFL player hails from North America, the league has a long history of recruiting place kickers who come from all corners of globe; in fact the league's next big kicking star may come from Norway. But the big story about Havard Rugland's big left foot is how it got no…
This Is Real Dedication
Okay, so it's pretty easy for me to focus in the morning and not let anything distract me. Like various sales people behind my back at 7am or like this morning, the hiccups while I get paid to tell dirty jokes.
I also don't like to interrupt rocking or mixing it with fire - most of the time…

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