Netflix’s ‘Bright’-Themed Holiday Fireplace Is Actual Trash
You’d think that spending $90 million on something like Bright (with $3.5 million of that going to Max Friggin’ Landis) would be embarrassing enough for Netflix, especially after all the third-degree burns they suffered from last night’s onslaught of negative reviews. But apparently the fine folks at Netflix are masochists: Not only have they already ordered a sequel to David Ayer’s buddy-cop-orc movie, but they’ve taken their self-own to the next level with a Bright-inspired holiday “fireplace.”
Bob’s Burgers Debuts Edible Food Packaging
There's the cartoon Bob's Burgers and there's the real-life Bob's burgers in Brazil. The Brazilian chain introduced something to customers which could one day help save the plant. Ideal for the environmentally friendly and the lazy, Bob's burgers gave customers a taste of what would normally be trash.