Grand Junction High School Baseball: Scores + Schedules
The baseball season is in full swing and the Grand Junction High School Tigers have quite the year ahead of them. Here is a look at the Tigers Scores and Schedules. All times and dates are subject to change.
Box Score
 Greeley Central
 18-10 Win
 Final Boxscore
Just a Baby Tiger Jumping on a Couch
If you see something cuter than this today, good for you, you obviously are some kind of wizard. If you're sad and dried up like the rest of us, here's a ridiculously adorable baby tiger jumping on a couch. With a chihuahua. And nobody gets eaten...
Man Becomes ‘One With the Tigers’ at Bronx Zoo
The guy who decided to jump out of a monorail into the tiger encloseure at the Bronx Zoo Friday 'momentarily' lost common sense, according to police. As he heals up in the hospital from his injuries, he can look forward to the trespassing charges he now faces.