Busted At The Police Station
An Oregon prostitute was busted after undercover officers busted her in a sting operation. It was an easy bust since they barely had to leave their desks, because they asked her to come to the police station.
Brothel Owner Recommends Legalized Prostitution to Fix Economy
There is one business that continues to flourish no matter how unstable the American economy seems to become: prostitution. And while lawmakers are currently struggling to figure out ways to keep the country from tipping right over the fiscal cliff, there are some that believe the solution lies in l…
These Prostitutes Have a [Brave]heart of Gold
TIred of the same old Friday night of calling a prostitute and then going to sleep with that weird,sad, empty feeling and 3/4 of a sicilian pizza in your gut, like us? Just kidding, we've never called a hooker (our girlfriends read this site, we'll talk later.)