Pamela Anderson

Parts of Pamela Anderson Turn 46 Today
Today is Canada Day, which means all of the crazy Canucks are drinking beer and eating flapjacks. Its also Canadian Pamela Anderson’s birthday, which means parts of her, are now 46-years-old. Anderson has been a showgirl, playmate, model, producer, actress and was married to Tommy Lee. I guess blondes do have more fun. Happy birthday Pamela you are still one hot lady and you can eat crackers in my
Pamela Anderson Unleashes Her New Look
While the videos of a nude Pamela Anderson at sea with legendary Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee are forever burned inside our perverted memories, her latest fashion statement indicates that her days on that particular kind of sea voyage might be behind her.
Pamela Anderson Can Have Sex Again!
About a month ago, we told you that Pamela Anderson had sworn off of sex through November while taping ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars', in an attempt to secure a victory by avoiding sexual distractions. It...didn't work.