Nine Inch Nails

Taylor + Reznor
It's been a busy year for Corey Taylor, who not only is promoting Stone Sour's upcoming 'House of Gold & Bones Part 2' album, but has also enjoyed some extra recognition for his collaboration with Dave Grohl, Rick Nielsen and Scott Reeder on the single 'From Can to Can't' that's part of the soun…
Trent on NIN
There were a lot of thrilled fans when Trent Reznor revealed that Nine Inch Nails would end their touring retirement to play shows again this year. Now the frontman is talking about the upcoming tour and he reveals there's a remote possibility for some new material working its way into sets.
'Call Me a Hole, Maybe?'
Thanks Internet for getting this horribly-good mash-up of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole" with Carly Rae Jespen's "Call Me Maybe" stuck in our heads. We are ashamed to say that this track is good, really good! We apologize if this gets stuc…

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