Nine Inch Nails

Watch Nine Inch Nails' Pro-Shot Lollapalooza Shows
We know that you can't travel to every corner of the map to see your favorite acts play, but Nine Inch Nails tend to make it easier than most acts when it comes to catching some of their standout performances. This rings true again as pro-shot concert footage from both their Lollapalooza show i…
Nine Inch Nails on PBS’ Austin City Limits
So PBS, the company that airs Sesame Street among other programs, recently aired a performance by Nine Inch Nails on its program, Austin City Limits. The show was a great 50+ minute set that covered songs from the early days up to the current NIN release, ‘Hesitation Marks...
This Might Be the Best Trent Reznor Parody Ever
I have to say most of the time when you hear a parody it is just OK but this Trent Reznor parody may be the best ever. The track was written and created by Freddy Scott with Saturday Night Live guitarist Jared Blake Scharff helping out.
Dear Grammys: Give Metal + Rock the Respect They Deserve
We recently published an open letter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, asking them to consider some of the greatest hard rock + metal acts ever for induction. But now we point our dissatisfaction at the 2014 Grammy Awards, which took place Sunday night, Jan. 26, and featured one rock and metal snub…

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