Mars or Grand Junction
The similarities between Mars and Grand Junction is uncanny. Can you tell the difference between our out-of-this-world views or a different planet?
Man on Mars
An entrepreneur with more money than God has decided that he wants to be one of the first men to complete a mission to mars. And while this space crusader with deep pockets may have the cash flow to pull of such an ambitious undertaking, some believe that he may have spread himself too thin by announcing plans to get his journey underway by 2018.
Do You Support a Manned Flight to Mars? — Survey of the Day
Mars is in the news these days thanks to the Curiosity rover which recently landed on the red planet. The goal of the six-wheeled robot is to find signs of life on Mars, and NASA also hopes that its 23 month mission will increase public awareness of the space program. But will it rekindle interest in sending a manned mission to Mars?

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