10 Weird Marriage Laws That Still Exist
Most laws are put into place to help protect the well-being of the public, while maintaining civility throughout the land. Some on-the-books marriage laws, though, appear to be the byproducts of a moment of lunacy, and no matter how much times change, old school ideas and philosophies cont…
Guy Pulls Off Perfect Romantic ‘Falling’ Proposal
Thank God she said "yes," because if she didn't that was so not worth it.
This video -- in which a guy willingly falls from a building while asking his girlfriend to marry him -- must've taken a lot of time and planning with an immense amount of hope and trust from whomeve…
Epic Wedding Proposal by Biker – Check Out the Video
So you want to marry your lady and you want to make it awesome. Great, now what are you going to do? Get on one knee and propose to her on a Jumbotron? Whatever you come up with don't worry if it's the best wedding proposal ever, because this biker beat you to it.
Base Jumping Newlyweds Take a Literal Plunge Together
Over the weekend, scores of base jumpers headed to Fayetteville, WV, to leap off the New River Bridge as part of an annual celebration known as Bridge Day. But one couple made their leap especially memorable by tying the knot first. Hey, who are we to judge? Stranger things have certainly happened a…

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