Grand Junction Waiting In Line for iPhone 6
Apparently there's a new smartphone on the market and people don't mind waiting hours in line to get one. We went out to see how many Grand Junction residents wasted some of their day to get the new iPhone 6.
Finally an iPhone Stun Gun Case
The wait is finally over you can now get your iPhone stun gun case. This is a great idea I don’t know why is hasn’t come up before now. Just think about it, you are at the bar and some creepy guy keeps hitting on this chick. Now she can just remove the safety and stun that little bastard until he fa…
Get this X-Games App
This weekends Winter X Games has the potential to top every X Games before it, so you definitely don't want to miss a single second! The Winter X Games has you covered with their newly updated app. Check out some of the features.

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