Hot Mess of the Day

The Qwerty Family — Hot Mess of the Day
Location: Christmas morning at the Qwerty house.
Attendees: 3/4 of family technically present, but all texting someone else.
Family Tradition: Sitting around the fire and playing Farmville together.
Family Motto: “Tag me!"
Baby New Year — Hot Mess of the Day
Location: Last man standing at the Ahnapee, Wisconsin Elk's Club New Years Extravaganza.
Occupation: Rocket scientist.
What he Was Saying While This Photo Was Taken: "Wanna see me make this milk disappear?"
What happened right after: A lot of vomiting, bu…
TIcklish Teddy — Hot Mess of the Day
Location: Plainfield, NJ
Occupation: Loss prevention specialist at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Likes: Anything pink, unicorns,  walks on the beach, manicures.
Dislikes: Sandals, barefoot walks on the beach, pedicures.
His Motto: “The socks stay ON...
Nina Nanook — Hot Mess of the Day
Location: The newly-built public transit system of Antarctica.
How Many Animals Died for Her Jacket: "Zero, they're all still technically alive." We didn't ask.
Skills: Living taxidermist (again, we didn't ask, expert camouflage hair colorist, …

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