New Police Radar Can See Inside Your Home [Video]
Bad news for privacy fans: The police are getting their hands on a new piece of handheld technology designed to peer through walls.
The highly-sensitive radar can detect movement as subtle as breathing from up to 50 feet away through solid concrete, USA Today and Atlanta's WXIA-TV report.
Prom Night in Bulgaria, Turns into Brawl Night in Bulgaria
It’s prom night in Bulgaria, the school has rented a room, the kids are dressed up and the DJ is spinning tunes. The night is going great until the idiot in a black shirt kicks off a brawl. Why? Who knows, maybe some one looked at his girl the wrong way. Whatever the reason these guys want to get at…
Deer Gang Rumbles in the Park
A park in Indiana has had a rash of deer rumbles, so a local man goes to the park to catch the "gangs" in action. The turf war all began over a few apple trees in the local park. The "Whitetails" claim the trees as their turf, but the "Bucks" say the trees are their tur…
Man Arrested for Fighting Stop Sign
No matter how hard police tried, Raymond Garcia wouldn't *stop* fighting a stop sign. (See what we did there?) Officers in Roswell, New Mexico were responding to a report of a man fighting a stop sign, and that is exactly what they found. We aren't sure what the sign did, but it must'…