Amendment 64

Should Tourists to Colorado have Access to Legal Marijuana?
Back when the public debate about legal and recreational marijuana for adults 21 or older came up there were questions and concerns about 'cannabis tourists'. The governor's panel discussing future regulation has recommended to deny rights of Amendment 64 to non-residents.
Members-Only Pot Clubs
When would be the best time to open up a members-only marijuana club in Colorado? 4:20 of course! That's when Denver's Club 64, one of Colorado's first members-only marijuana clubs open it's doors on Monday. Will we see more of these pop up?
Obama Makes Remarks on New Marijuana Laws in Colorado and Washington
During the election cycle there was speculation. After voters in Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use there were questions. Then came the stance by the federal government that marijuana is still a controlled substance under federal law. Now President Obama has spoken.
Is Legal Marijuana the New ‘Green’ Investment Opportunity?
Colorado's Amendment 64 will be part of the state constitution in a matter of days with Washington state also making their new law official as well. With medical marijuana legal in 18 states plus Washington D.C. and now recreational use by adults legal in two state many wonder if there is an in…
What's Next for Mary Jane?
The questions are now in the minds of Coloradans and the nation about Amendment 64 and what happens next. Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey has said of Colorado's new addition to the state constitution, "You would have to believe that 100% of the people in this state that use marijuana w…

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