The Super Smash Bros. drip feed of information continues on the Nintendo Miiverse, but Thursday's update brought us some interesting news: the 3DS version of the game will be getting a Trophy Shop, allowing players to purchase trophies instead of only earning them through gameplay.

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator and director of the Super Smash Bros. series, posted the above screenshot with the following message: "Here's something new--the trophy shop. If you're having a hard time getting certain trophies, why not just buy them? They sometimes go on sale, too." That's pretty vague, but it does allude to earning trophies in conventional ways, which is pretty cool.

Based on what the screenshot is showing, it looks like Smash 3DS will have some kind of in-game currency, like previous games in the series did. However, instead of Brawl's Coin Launcher-like minigame where we shoot coins at Trophies to get them, Sakurai is giving us the option of buying the trophies we want instead of waiting for them to appear. Furthermore, the option to buy Trophies with Play Coins is also a possibility, as evidenced by the "Buy With Play Coins" Y button prompt at the top of the screen.

Some may think that these Trophies are being purchased with Play Coins, but the coin in front of the "300" under Tingle and the others is clearly different than a Play Coin, which is likely to be Smash Bros.' currency that you'll earn through gameplay. We don't think players will have to spend a max amount of Play Coins on one Goomba trophy. Hey, at least there's no microtransactions, right?

Even better is the final update for this week, which showcases a new 3DS stage that should look very familiar to Game Boy owners :