An old now-closed sugar factory in Colorado is set to get a major makeover and become something new. One of the ideas as to what to put in the former factory is a new music venue.

Where is the Old Colorado Sugar Factory?

The now-closed sugar factory is located in Longmont, Colorado, which is located just north of Denver between the Mile High City and Fort Collins. The sugar factory, which was first opened in 1905 and closed in 1977, was called the Great Western Sugar Factory and is between Third Avenue and Main Street.

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Here is roughly where the old sugar factory is located as well as its surrounding area where plans for the 'facelift' will be taking place:

Google Maps
Google Maps

What is the Plan For the Abandoned Colorado Sugar Factory?

Recent meetings have taken place in Longmont regarding what to build in the area in which the abandoned sugar factory currently sits. In addition to the music venue, some of the other ideas that have been proposed include building artist studios, a brewery, greenhouses, food markets, and housing for individuals involved in the arts and music.

Possibly taking it a step further, some have proposed expanding on this idea and putting a hotel in the area with a large park space that could also act as an area for large outdoor festivals.

Will Longmont Become an Arts and Music Center?

This part of Northern Colorado is no stranger to the arts and music scene of the state as neighboring Loveland is full of art and hosts the annual Arise Festival, and even further north is the extremely music-centric Fort Collins which hosts music festivals such as FocoMX and New West Fest.

Only time will tell if these plans come to fruition and if Longmont will become the next big thing in Colorado's arts and music scene.

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