You have probably heard the stories about people finding things in their food that don't belong there. Usually when you find a severed finger in your potato chips, a dead mouse in your milk or live spiders in your grapes you usually get an apology and a refund. Things don't tend to go so well when you intentionally try to pull a fast one on a manufacturer.

Doughnuts "For You"
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman and Michael Condor probably thought they had the perfect plan to get their own payday, except they were the ones doing the tampering. The duo allegedly bought a box of doughnuts, then proceeded to put pieces of razor blade in the doughnuts and hoped that step three would equal profit.

Doughnuts in a Box
Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

Step three may have been profit on the South Park episode with the Underpants Gnomes, for these two it was being arrested. To give credibility to the story the two actually ingested some pieces of the fingernail sized shards of razor blade. Unfortunately for one of their coworkers they had her eat a doughnut too, knowing full well the danger inside.

Glazed Doughnuts
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Thankfully the coworker was uninjured after realizing there was a shard of sharp metal hidden inside. Police soon realized something didn't seem right with the story and arrested Carol Lee and Michael for aggravated assault and filing a false police report.

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