There’s a contingency of Star Wars fans out there who have chosen the mysterious Stormtrooper with the lightsaber-busting baton in The Force Awakens as their new favorite minor character — perhaps hoping to create the new Boba Fett. Adorably dubbed “TR-8R” by fans, it turns out that this particular First Order soldier does in fact have a name, and a little bit of a history with Finn.

As THR discovered, this Stormtrooper appears in Greg Rucka’s tie-in Young Adult novel Star Wars: Before the Awakening, and his designation is FN-2199. He trained alongside Finn in the First Order program, and the pair essentially “grew up” together, which is why he seems to have a personal grudge against John Boyega’s heroic character.

If this standout Stormtrooper isn’t ringing any bells, a reminder: he’s the one wielding the very interesting baton-type weapon that seems to be some sort of lightsaber-buster, and he goes head-to-head with Finn outside Maz’s place when Kylo Ren invades with the First Order troopers, shouting “traitor” (hence the fan-given nickname TR-8R) at his former compatriot.

FN-2199 is played by Liang Yang, a stuntman who has appeared in films like Edge of Tomorrow and Kingsman: The Secret Service, and has worked on Game of Thrones. So there you go — that Stormtrooper everyone seems to like so much has a name (kind of) and a story. Satisfied?