You don't call your band Stoner without knowing what that word means.

That's the premise laid out in a biography of the new-ish rock act — yes, called Stoner — from former members of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and other prime desert rock forerunners.

"Rad stays rad," writer JJ Koczan continues of the outfit in the bio on their official website. "A few ideas are timeless. Stoner is Brant Bjork (guitar/vocals), Nick Oliveri (bass/vocals) and Ryan Gut (drums), and from flowing jams to all-out punker blasts, they know what they're doing."

Indeed, Bjork and Oliveri most notably hail from Kyuss, the SoCal psych-rock standard-bearers, and Oliveri joined Kyuss' Josh Homme in Queens of the Stone Age until 2004. Stoner's personnel also count membership in Mondo Generator, Fu Manchu, Bloodclot and more between them.

Since forming last year and releasing their first material this spring, Stoner have shared two original songs, "Rad Stays Rad" — their mission statement, evidently — and "Nothin'." Each comes from the upcoming Stoners Rule, the trio's debut album.

"It's what we think is stoner rock," Bjork has said of the band's music. "When I was growing up, a stoner was a person changing the rules and being rebellious — doing your own thing and being different to the mainstream. Kyuss is considered stoner rock, but I never originally considered ourselves as a stoner rock band. We were just young kids playing music that we wanted to play and hear. And I've luckily made a career and a living from playing music, which I'm ultimately grateful for."

Stoners Rule arrives on June 25 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Pre-orders for the effort on CD and colored vinyl are available now. Below, listen to the available singles, and see Stoners Rule's art and tracklist. Stoner hit the road with Clutch later this year.

Stoner, "Rad Stays Rad"

Stoner, "Nothin'"

Stoner, Stoners Rule Album Art + Tracklist

Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Heavy Psych Sounds Records

1. "Rad Stays Rad"
2. "The Older Kids"
3. "Own Yer Blues"
4. "Nothin'"
5. "Evel Never Dies"
6. "Stand Down"
7. "Tribe/Fly Girl"

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