Stone Sour‘s album ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 1' will be released next week, and the band's guitarist Josh Rand spoke with Roadrunner Records about it.

A snippet of the song 'My Name Is Allen' from the album has also been unveiled (listen below). In addition, frontman Corey Taylor performed a spoken word rendition of the new single 'Absolute Zero' for AMP Rock TV (watch below).

Rand talked about the genesis of the two part concept album. "I went over to [Corey Taylor's] house and he played me a couple of songs he had written on or had put together, and he explained the whole concept or story of doing this concept record. And I immediately was excited, because I felt like from a musical standpoint it would allow us to do whatever we wanted."

"Not that we haven’t done that in the past, but I really felt like it could really open some doors musically," Rand explains. "And how we write as a band is, all of us contribute from the music side of things, and he’s always written the lyrics. So the biggest thing for me was, I wanted us to be a lot more aggressive than 'Audio Secrecy'. Can we go in that direction? And he was like yeah, let’s do it all."

When asked if he thought some fans would be turned off by the idea of a concept album, Rand said he didn't think so. "We never said that we would be Genesis or Dream Theater or Yes or any of those types of bands. We’re not a prog band. We said, we’re going to adopt the ideas of those stories and stuff, but it’s still going to be a Stone Sour record, where you can still pull those individual songs."

"We just wanted to offer something more - in a world where it’s all about singles, we just wanted to do something different," reveals Rand. "We’ve always evolved from record to record, if you listen to our entire catalog. It was another way of challenging ourselves and making it interesting and fun for us to make."

When Stone Sour kick off a world tour at the end of this month, Rand says fans can expect to hear anywhere from four to six songs from the new album. For the full interview with Rand, visit Roadrunner's official site.

Listen to Stone Sour - 'My Name Is Allen'
Watch Stone Sour - 'Absolute Zero'