Stone Sour have been building up a considerable amount of hype regarding their forthcoming album, Hydrograd. So far, "Fabuless," "Song #3" and "Taipei Person/Allah Tea" have offered a dynamic look at what the follow-up to The House of Gold & Bones double album will sound like and fans are getting yet another glimpse with the newly released song "Mercy."

This time, the track has arrived in the form of a live music video, which aligns itself with the recording values of Hydrograd as it was tracked live rather than being stitched together using Pro Tools. We're treated to mutli-angle shots of Stone Sour jamming at Sphere Studios, moving with the rolling energy of the jangling melody of the opening moments of "Mercy." There's a fun push and pull to the song's pace as listeners are swept away by the soaring chorus.

When Corey Taylor spoke to Full Metal Jackie, he shared why he's so enthusiastic about this latest slab of music. "It just has so many different musical spirits; so many different kinds of good hard rock, metal, punk, rock ‘n’ roll. There’s even some bluesy California country on it which is really really cool," the singer said, adding, "We went all out on this album and it paid off in so many different dividends that it is going to blow people away and that’s why we are so… that’s why I’m so excited about it. I’m still listening to it. That’s how good it is."

Hydrograd will be out June 30 through Roadrunner and pre-orders can be placed here. Look for Stone Sour on tour this summer as they support Korn starting June 16. To get more information and to see if the trek is stopping at a city near you, click here.

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