There are so many badass tandems in the world and throughout our history that are well documented and known but there are also many tandems that go unnoticed for their good deeds and overall excellence in this game of life.

Two of these fine folks are in Steamboat Springs and they're a grandpa and grandson duo who not only were in the right place at the right time, they have hearts of gold and need to be recognized, so we're doing that right now.

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A trio of family members, a grandfather, his grandson, and the grandson's Dad (who was rolling the video) came across this deer that was stuck and in some serious trouble in a trench. Without the assistance of human beings with big hearts and bravery, this deer would have probably perished after a while and no way to escape was freed and released back into the wild thanks to these gentlemen.

I applaud these gentlemen because as much as I'd want to help something like a buck, there's a fine line between helping wildlife and putting your own at risk. You just never know how a wild animal is going to react to you and personally, I don't like anything charging at me, I don't care what kind of animal it is.

But that's what makes these guys so awesome, they just went in and did the deed and I 100% respect that, and thanks to them, this elk is back in the wild and living the good life.

Well done gentlemen.

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