Spring training is well under way, it’s the place for players (and ball girls) to practice and make a few mistakes before the start of the regular season. The Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays were in the sixth inning when Shelly Duncan hit a ground ball down the third base line. The ball was ruled fair before it went into foul territory, that’s were the Hooters ball girl comes in.

The young lady looked up, saw the ball coming at her and as the job dictates she fielded it. She then went over to the stands and gave the ball to a fan. Once she realized her mistake she covered her face with the glove and sat down. This is the second time in a week that a Hooters ball girl took a fair ball for a foul one. The embarrassing moment wasn’t a total loss; she made the day of some young fan in the stands. You do know if this happened at Wrigley Field in late September the Cubs fans would just chalk it up to the curse.

Check out the video!