Today is the first day of Spring! It's my favorite time of the year! So many once-a-year things happen including fish start biting, girls in sundresses appearing, and my birthday.

I know many of you love winter with its skiing, snowmobiling, and the like but I'm sorry, the older I get, the colder I feel. Summer's great with pool parties, trips to the lake, camping, and all that. Fall is beautiful. The trees are turning, cooler weather, and the return of football, but springs it for me.


It goes back to my love of fishing and the outdoors. Back in Missouri, it's not only the best time to be on the water with crappie spawning and bass moving up shallow, the woods come alive with special happenings. On warmer spring days the morel mushrooms start pop'n. They're a true delicacy. Yum!

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

While driving around town this afternoon I saw the signs that spring has sprung! Seeing those flowering trees and bushes are hints that the fish will be biting soon. The turkeys will start gobbling and the leaves popping out on trees before you know it. I guess I sound a little homesick. All I know is I'm ready...bring on Spring!




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