There seems to be little gray area when it comes to covers. Rock fans either love them or hate them. Being a fan of quality musicianship I appreciate it when a band can pull off a quality cover. It's harder than it looks.

There are a ton of covers out there so I'll stick to a few of my favorites. Chances are too that a couple of your favorite hits were in fact covers and you may not have even known it.

Halestorm "Still Of The Night" The guys really did do a good job on a very difficult tune.  

Five Finger Death Punch "Bad Company" Sometimes bands cover a tune to get another single out there while they're hot. That was the deal here but the military tribute video makes it work.

Disturbed "Land Of Confusion" Phil Collins wouldn't be the first artist you'd think Disturbed would cover. A large political message in the animated video.

Shaman's Harvest "Dirty Diana" Sure I'm friends with these guys but they kill this. I was sent an advanced copy of their new CD "Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns" when I got it I immediately popped it into my player. When this song came on I was thinking to myself "I know this." It took me a bit to connect the dots back to Michael Jackson.  An awesome job on a difficult song.

SIxx A.M. "Drive" The Cars "Drive" was always one of my favorites. It wasn't one of their biggest hits but certainly one of their best. So for me to like a cover of a song I love, it must have been done well.

Anthrax "Carry On Wayward Son" Dude, they kill this. When you hear if for the fist time it really is surprising how good this sounds.

Quiet Riot "Come On Feel The Noize" Did you realize that their biggest hit was indeed a cover? It was originally released by the band Slade in 1973.

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