So it comes around every year on the same day, but once again you've spaced out that today is Valentine's Day. In the hopes of having some fun with your special lady or guy later today you should probably do something awesome. That does not mean a teddy bear holding a heart, a box of chocolates or roses. There are much cooler things you can do last minute, but you should still get her a card. Check out these last minute ideas that will make you look awesome, and make it seem like you put a lot of thought into making your special someone feel special.

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    Flash Her(With Music)

    One of the oldest ways to remind the love of your life how special they are is a mix tape. Since pretty much no one evens own a tape player putting music on a tape is a waste of time. Get with the times and get a USB flash drive and fill it full of music that reminds you of your special someone.

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    A Bunch of Her Favorite Stuff

    Don't go with chocolates like every other guy on the planet. Make your lady extra happy with a gift basket full of her favorite snacks and stuff. If you have no idea what kind of treats your lady absolutely loves you haven't been paying attention to her. At least you can go troll her Facebook page and go through all of her "Likes" to figure out what makes her happy.

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    Get a Room

    There is nothing like a change of scenery to spark romance. Even if you are tight on cash and can't take your lady out of town, book a hotel room in town! You can feel like you're 'getting away' for an evening without leaving town or spending a lot. Just make sure you don't book a room at a motel that charges by the hour.

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    Write Her A Poem

    Want to really let your Valentine know how you feel? Write them a poem. Get a piece of paper, write out a draft and then get a big Valentine's Day card with plenty of room to write and go crazy. If you have poor penmanship ask a lady friend to bust out her nice handwriting and do it out for you. Writing a poem or song for your lover doesn't have to be hard, just search the Internet and make the words of someone else your own.

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    Cook For Her

    So you missed out on all the dinner reservations in town. Instead make her dinner. Even if you're not a gourmet chef all you need to do is Google recipes for her favorite dishes, or try new things. Cooking doesn't have to be hard, throw a couple candles on the table and you are good to go. Want to make it extra special? Have flowers delivered with an invitation to an exclusive dinner for two attached instead of a card.

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    Movie Night

    Women love to watch 'chick flicks', they love it even more when their guy will sit through one without complaining. Make her evening tonight by coming home with a pile of 'chick flicks' and cuddle up with her and watch them without complaining. If you pull this off right you likely won't even have to watch an entire movie and will be distracted before it's over. Everyone knows what 'let's watch a movie' really means, if not you can find out tonight

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    Grow Together

    Instead of buying flowers that will just end up dying get some flower seed or a tree. That way as the years pass the Valentine's Day memory will still be lasting. If you decide to get a fruit bearing tree or bush your love can be enjoyed and extra sweet all year long.

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    Photo Montage

    Take all those memories from over the time you have been with your valentine and make a photo montage. Give it that Valentine's Day feel by making your collage of memories into the shape of a heart.

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    Paint Your Love

    You don't have to have any artistic skill to pull this off plus you are guaranteed an intimate night. Get a big piece of canvas and some washable, non-toxic paint. Then get to business. Lay the canvas on your floor or bed, put paint on each other then 'get to business' on the canvas. If you're brave hang it in your living room for everyone to see and ask, "Where did you get that painting?"

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    Gift Certificates

    You don't have to make it seem like you put no thought whatsoever into Valentine's Day (or forgot). Do something nice for your valentine and make a homemade coupon book good for your services. Things like cooking dinner, cleaning, massages and even some intimate "IOU's". If you're lucky she'll decide to take you up on one of your intimate offers immediately.

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