When you get Louis C.K. to host 'SNL,' there's bound to be at least one sketch that perfectly fits his specific brand of comedy, which tackles reality using surrealism and absurdity. One sketch from last night's episode felt like the perfect halfway point between an episode of C.K.'s FX comedy 'Louie' and a typically crass 'SNL' skit, making it too weird to even consider ignoring.

Shot with hovering, handheld cameras that recall the look and feel of his show, the video sketch casts C.K. as a perfectly ordinary man getting a perfectly ordinary check-up from his physician. All is well and he's just about to leave when he works up the courage to ask the doctor about the real reason he's there: he's worried he has a Darth Vader action figure up his butt. It gets much weirder from there, especially when a series of people passing by overhear the conversation and express their concerns that they too may have a toy-version of the iconic 'Star Wars' villain stuck where the sun doesn't shine (except for the person who is concerned it may be a General Grievous figure).

It's nonsensical comedy, but it's perfectly in line with C.K.'s typical comedy, casting a light on our neuroses and how uncomfortable it can be in a doctor's office. But since this is 'SNL,' there are more 'Star Wars' action figures in anuses.

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