Snarky movie reviews are nothing new (especially in the cruel world of internet journalism), but few people can deliver bitter sarcasm and loathing quite like Taran Killam in the guise of an 1860s newspaper reporter named Jebediah Atkinson. Inexplicably torn out of his century and thrust onto the 'SNL' stage, Atkinson appeared on the latest Weekend Update to talk about the Oscars and proceeded to tear cinematic history a new one.

Although he gets started with current Oscar nominees like 'Her,' 'Dallas Buyer's Club' and 'Gravity,' he soon begins to attack bonafide classics, likening 'Citizen Kane' to 'Cool Runnings' and dismissing 'The Shawshank Redemption' as little more than a TBS program. It's all so wonderfully, viciously catty and we hope 'SNL' brings Atkinson back to review movies on a regular basis. Next time he shows up, we hope the writers arm him with more jokes that feel built to make the audience uncomfortable. The highlight above is a timely Wood Allen joke that seems to leave the audience audibly squirming in their seats. It's good stuff.

And you know what, Mr. Atkinson? You may be wrong about most of the movies you talk about here, but you're totally right about 'Forrest Gump.' Just leave 'The Godfather' alone.