During their set at the Taste of Fort Collins in Fort Collins, Colo., Smash Mouth frontman, Steve Harwell, became an "All Star" d-bag.

During the Taste of Fort Collins festival, a vendor was apparently handing out loaves of bread -- because everyone needs a loaf of bread at a concert -- to the festival goers. Due to the lack of any PB and J, patrons decided to do the next best thing was to chuck the bread at the stage.

Harwell didn't take to kindly to the chucking of carbs. He proceeded to cuss out the crowd, threatening to fight whoever was throwing the gluten-filled grenades, but was finally calmed down just enough to finish their encore with their "hit" song "All Star".

We all know throwing sh-- at a concert happens, but come on, throwing bread!? Did you think the band would stop mid-song to build you a delicious sandwich?

Good thing no one got smashed in the mouth that day.

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