For a brief period of time, Katrina Bookman of New York thought that her life was about to change.  Back in August, she was at Resorts World Casino in New York playing the slots when (she thought) she hit it big... $43 million big! The slot machine showed her massive payout. She even took the time to pose for a selfie in front of the screen!  But that rush of excitement quickly faded after talking to casino officials. You know where this story is heading.

The slot machine that Bookman was playing has a maximum payout of $6,500 and had malfunctioned.  So instead of getting the biggest payday ever, Bookman was offered a free steak dinner after casino officials mulled it over for a day or so.  She said that she should at least get the maximum that the machine pays out, but the New York State Gaming Commission disagreed.  They said that the casino could legally only pay out the amount that Bookman had played: $2.25.  That sucks.  Not surprisingly, Bookman plans to sue the casino over the incident.

The machine was pulled from the floor, repaired and put back into service soon thereafter.