Slipknot percussionist Joey Jordison has often found projects to keep him busy during the band's downtime, and it looks as though he's finding another creative outlet to keep him occupied until the band regroups in the studio again.

Jordison took to his Facebook page to reveal to his fans that he's been working on a new project. He didn't offer any further details, explaining that more information would be coming soon. However, he did post a few snapshots from the studio that can be seen below.

However, it's been reported that Strapping Young Lad's Jed Simon and Darkest Hour's Kris Norris are among those collaborating with Jordison on the project, but as previously stated, there is nothing official as of yet.

The members of Slipknot have toured together since the death of bassist Paul Gray, but there have been varying levels of feedback among the band's members concerning recording another album minus Gray. At last report, the band had tentative plans to reconvene in the studio in 2014 for a possible 2015 album release.

At present, Corey Taylor is doing well with his other band Stone Sour and Jordison's fellow percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan has become an in-demand music video director.

Joey Jordison's Studio Photos From New Project

Facebook: Joey Jordison