Slipknot just unleashed a two-minute video that finally gives fans a good look at their new masks. The clip, above, shows each of the nine members’ masks in full gruesome detail, although the identities of their new bassist and drummer have not yet been revealed.

The group recently showed off some of the masks in 'The Devil in I' video, but the new promo clip gives fans a little more closer look at the intricacies of the masks.

Last week we reported that Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella, who worked as a guitar tech for Mastodon, Fightstar and Coheed & Cambria, is believed to be the new bassist in the band replacing the late Paul Gray. The new drummer is rumored to be Jay Weinberg, the son of Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg, replacing Joey Jordison, who exited Slipknot late last year.

Though Slipknot have not spoken too in-depth about the split with Jordison, frontman Corey Taylor recently opened up about it a bit more. “I can’t talk too much about it because we’re going through the legalities of everything right now and settling everything, but it’s when a relationship hits that T-section and one person’s going one way and you’re going the other,’ explains Taylor. “And try as you might to either get them to go your way or try and go their way, at some point you’ve got to go in the direction that works for you. This is me speaking in the broadest terms, with respect to Joey. I guess to sum it up, it was one of the hardest decisions we ever made.”

He adds, “We’re all happy right now and we hope that he is. I’ve known him since ’91, and that was before we were in bands together, and he’s incredibly talented; he’s just in a place in his life, right now, that’s not where we are… in the nicest terms.”

Slipknot will release ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ on Oct. 21. The disc is available for pre-order at Amazon or iTunes. The band will kick off their upcoming tour at Knotfest in San Bernardino, Calif. on Oct. 25 and 26. Check out all their tour dates here.