Drummer Dave Lombardo has moved on since his ousting from Slayer, now spending his time with Philm, Amen and even doing some work with Disney animation. But the topic of Slayer still comes up in interviews, and Lombardo reflectively states that things changed since the beginning of his run with the band.

Speaking to Brazil's Wikimetal podcast, the drummer was asked about what it was like being in Slayer in the early days as opposed to his final stint with the group. "Things change, people grow," Lombardo explains. "[It's] the normal process, the normal evolution that humans have. They grow up, they have their own homes … When it's time to get together and play music, it's work, it's not a band. So that's the difference."

He adds, "When we were younger, it was like you were part of a gang, you were part of a team, and now it's just … you know … the last years it was just like going to work."

It should be noted that Lombardo, who has spoken publicly about the circumstances regarding his exit, turned down the opportunity to do so again. "It's already in the press, it's already in the media," stated the drummer. "I don't wanna bring that up again, because people, the fans say, 'Why is Dave talking about this?' So I don't care to talk about it anymore. And it's not because I'm crying or whining or complaining. No, it's just because journalists ask me and I'm being honest. But I refuse to speak about it anymore."

To hear Lombardo's full interview with Brazil's Wikimetal podcast, check here.