It's been a tumultuous time for Sick Puppies as many were shocked when the band announced that they were no longer working with frontman Shimon Moore. Bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin made the announcement that they were currently writing for their next album and planning to audition for a new vocalist, but no word on the exit initially came from Moore himself.

A few days later, Moore issued his own statement, explaining that there had been some tension in the group, but that he hoped that some time apart would ease things. Moore also revealed that he had been locked out of the band's social networks and website which is why he hadn't commented prior and it was only after launching his own sites that he was able to get the word out.

But, as with any split, there's two sides to every story, and the remaining Sick Puppies members are sharing theirs exclusively here at Loudwire. The band's new comments on Moore's statement can be read below:

Hey Everyone,

We have always wanted to be professional and respectful to everyone involved, but unfortunately Shim has taken a different approach and has been distorting the facts to make himself out to be the victim of a surprise “ousting.” We released a statement on October 20th and had planned on not responding to Shim’s posting, but after reading all your comments we felt the need to set the record straight.

Shim's claim that “This was the first I had heard of it” is simply not true. The truth is Shim engaged a lawyer against US ... for the second time. He notified us through his lawyer that he wanted to dissolve the band. All our hard work and dedication was now in jeopardy, not to mention all YOUR years of love and support of the band. We couldn't let that happen so we made the difficult decision to move forward without him.

Despite Shim’s actions we still wish him the best.

We, Emma and Mark, love writing music, performing and being in this band. If you know us at all then you know that we would not casually throw away 15 years of hard work. We trust you understand and each of you should know that moving forward we only want, and have always wanted -- to keep the focus on the music.

Thank you so much for all your love and support and we'll see you out on the road real soon.

Emma and Mark.

So there you have it. Anzai and Goodwin have offered their side, giving a little more insight into the parting of ways with Moore. The singer has also shared his side of the story. And now Sick Puppies will move forward with plans for a new album with a return to the road expected sooner than later. Meanwhile, Moore revealed in a new posting that he's currently in the studio working on his first solo project.

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