The Winter Games Exploratory Committee advises going for it.

The Winter Games Exploratory Committee is advising that Denver and Colorado pursue hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. If the United States Olympic Committee requests bids from cities, the Mayor and Governor appear to be on board.

If the Winter Games become a reality it will be a state-wide effort. Most of the competition would take place outside of the Denver metro. Athletes and fans would come from all over the world. Coloradans from all across the state could find themselves directly participating in the effort. Because the game's arrival would touch nearly everyone officials agree a statewide referendum is in order. It could be voters that ultimately decide if Colorado would host the 2020 games or beyond. The USOC is the body that will ultimately determine who can submit a bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and it can only submit one on behalf of the United States.

What are your thoughts? Would hosting the games be worth the cost and effort or not?

Credit: Westworld 

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