A few states already have special license plates that indicate a repeat DUI offender. Colorado is considering the idea.

The Colorado State Patrol conducted a poll over the weekend to get your thoughts. About 350 voted and here are the results...


  • 40 percent said the plates should be issued after a first offense
  • 33 percent said it should happen for repeat offenders (two or more convictions)
  • 20 percent said those kinds of plates should never be issued
  • 7 percent said only issue them in special circumstances

The state of Ohio's is the most radical. Their DUI plates are yellow with red lettering. That law has been in place since 1967!  They mark repeat offenders and those where the convicted drivers' blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. In Minnesota, those with two or more DUI's in a 10-year stretch are required to display a special plain white plate with black or blue letters and numbers.

There are strong opinions on both sides of the argument. Many feel the plates help communicate a possible dangerous driver while others feel the "shaming " of an offender doesn't help the cause. Drivers can switch back to regular tags once their license suspension period ends after six months to a year.


What do you think?

Credit: kdvr.com 

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