You could have a brush with greatness early Saturday morning if you're near I-70. There is an outside chance that the tour buses for Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin may be going through Grand Junction.

Both bands play the Maverick Center in West Valley City, Utah on Friday night, October 30. Saturday night, they perform at the 1STBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. That means crews will tear down for travel late Friday night in Utah and normally they try to arrive at next venue as early in the day as possible.

You'll see on the maps 3 possible routes between the two shows. The shortest goes through Wyoming on I-80. However, there have been a number of fires in that region over the past month, so it's possible they could choose to go through Grand Junction on I-70.

My guess - if they come through Grand Junction - is that they would be in our area sometime between 5 and 7 am. It's a bit of a long shot, but if it happens and you can safely snap a phone pic, post it here and we will vicariously live through your experience.