Okay, I know what you’re thinking: WTF is this heading?! But, it’s simple, really. I sat down and watched more zombie movies than I think anyone was ever meant to watch and compiled a list of the sexiest actresses playing zombies in them.

It’s important to note that these actresses had to start out normal in the film and then turn into zombies at some point in time in order to qualify for the list. So, as attractive as Teresa Palmer in 'Warm Bodies' or Emma Stone is 'Zombieland' are, they never became zombies in their respective films and, therefore, were ineligible.

  • Jacqueline Pearce

    'The Plague of the Zombies' (1966)

    A total babe back in the day, Pearce played Alice Thompson who was turned into a zombie as a result of a Haitian voodoo curse plaguing the village. Since, “zombie-Alice” is really just Alice with purple makeup on, she’s still pretty hot once she turns.

  • Anna Falchi

    'Cemetery Man' (1994)

    This movie is craaaazy. It has Rupert Everett playing a cemetery caretaker who actually has to be talked out of being castrated by a doctor in one scene. Say what? Falchi is pretty smoking though and ends up playing multiple characters throughout. Most notably playing a character named “She” who gets bit by her dead husband-turned-zombie while having sex on his grave. Like I said, crazy.

  • Heidi Marnhout

    'Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane' (2007)

    Okay, so this is basically 'Snakes on a Plane' (which came out one year earlier), but with zombies. Marnhout plays a flight attendant on board the ill-fated flight. Still hot but very undead.

  • Catherine McCormack

    '28 Weeks Later' (2007)

    In the follow-up to '28 Days Later', McCormack plays “Alice.” Now, Alice doesn’t have the “look” of a typical zombie, save for her eyes which are bright red, as if coated in blood. She’s sort of in the transition state between human and zombie when she’s killed by her husband while kissing him and turning him into a zombie - it’s complicated! However, a zombie is a zombie and Catherine McCormack is sexy no matter what degree of undead she is in the film.

  • Carissa Capobianco

    'Dance of the Dead' (2008)

    Zombies invade a high school prom and Capobianco plays Gwen, a cheerleader struggling to survive the attack. Probably the best scene in the film is when zombie-Gwen makes out with zombie-Steven (her crush), which leads to them eating each other. Literally.

  • Jenna Jameson

    'Zombie Strippers' (2008)

    Zombies. Strippers. Zombies and strippers and Jenna Jameson is both. ‘Nuff said!

  • Inna Korobkina

    'Dawn of the Dead' (2004)

    Inna Korobkina plays the pregnant Luda who not only turns into a zombie in this film, but also gives birth to one. And, let me tell you, that zombie baby is something to see.

  • Michelle Rodriguez

    'Resident Evil' (2002)

    Rodriguez gets bit pretty early on in the first installment of this franchise and finally, in the end of the film, turns into a zombie. And is still, amazingly, hot. Okay, maybe not “hot,” but it’s not like you haven’t brought home worse at 3am on a Friday night after one too many whiskeys.

  • Tatiana Maslany

    'Diary of the Dead' (2007)

    The 'Orphan Black' star plays Mary, whose own suicide attempt is what leads to her eventually becoming undead.

  • Amber Heard

    'Zombieland' (2009)

    Amber Heard is super freaking hot. I challenge you to find one thing wrong physically wrong with her. And when she knocked on Jesse Eisenberg’s door, begging him to help her, to protect her, a thousand 16-year-olds’ fantasies were born.

    Brett Ryland has written for various film and television, most notably on CBS' '2 Broke Girls' and Disney's 'Day In the Life.' Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Brett now resides in Los Angeles and is well aware that he probably won't outlive the 'Fast & the Furious' franchise. You can follow Brett on Twitter at @brettryland.

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