Who doesn't like a nice, comfy t-shirt? They're perfect for a sunny day, or just lounging around the house.

We came across these great t-shirts that every Coloradan needs in their closet.

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Whether you believe or not. It's totally possible for Bigfoot to exist in the vastness that is Colorado. Don this t-shirt to show you believe, or just because it's funny.

Regardless of what side of the wall, er fence, you're on when it comes to politics, this shirt is just downright funny.

Santa just loves the cookies in Colorado ... if you know what I mean. Not only is Santa flying high in his sleigh, but he's also flying high on some of Colorado's delicious edibles.

Well, kind of. Elvis was in Denver, Colorado in 1970. He did get his "mugshot" taken while at a police station. BUT! He was here to get an honorary badge from the Denver Police.

This isn't a shirt for everyone, just those who want to advertise they're on the pot. You could also send it to a pot-smoking friend from out of state.

If you were born and raised here, let everyone know. According to recent studies, less than half of Colorado's population were born here.

Whoa! That's a bit personal, don't ya think?

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