Squirrels are incredible acrobats and playful little critters. If you have a bird feeder, you know this. If you have a tree, you know this.

I learned this when I got my first labrador retriever and lived in a house in Old Town Fort Collins. Squirrels would jump from the cottonwood tree to the old phone lines, taunting the dog that just wanted to taste them on the ground below.

These little critters even have their own day; Jan. 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Acorns for everyone!

According to the Colorado Virtual Library, "Colorado has two categories of squirrels — ground squirrels and tree squirrels.  There are several species of ground squirrels in Colorado, ranging from the spotted ground squirrel on the Eastern Plains to the rock squirrels in the mesas and canyons of Western Colorado."

The most common squirrel in Colorado cities is the Fox Squirrel, and it falls under the tree squirrel category.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is awesome about sharing cool videos and photos on their social media. Recently they shared a slow-motion video of a squirrel making a fantastic leap.

How far can an average squirrel jump?

Horizontally, about 9 feet.

Vertically, about 4 feet.

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That's incredible right? So, how do they do it? They're light, weighing less than 4 pounds. It has a lot to do with the powerful hind legs that literally propel that little body into the air. Fun fact, those hind legs have hyper-expendable and double-jointed ankles allowing them to run up and down a tree.

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