I've been getting back into James Bond movies pretty heavily over the past few months, but my interest in the world's most famous spy is clearly small change compared to Sean Dove. In December, Dove took on a project called "#Decembond," where he drew a piece of art inspired by all 23 James Bond movies. Now, he's collecting them all in a hardcover called Last Days of Danger and using Kickstarter to fund the printing.

At 56 pages, the book not only includes the art, but also commentary for each film based on Dove's experience watching them for the project, but really, that's just icing on the cake. The art alone is worth the price of admission.



What's really striking about Dove's art is that they don't often recreate the imagery that you might expect. I mean, sure, his piece for Goldfinger is a naked lady painted gold (because when you're drawing something inspired by Goldfinger, you kind of have to go with that one), but for other movies, he focuses on different scenes that are just as memorable as the ones that are always represented.

For Casino Royale, for instance, Dove decided not to go with poker or the collapse of Venice or even the two kills that earned Bond his Double-0 status. He focuses on the car chase after Vesper is kidnapped:



The end result is that there's a series of art pieces that don't necessarily scream "James Bond" unless you know what each one is, which makes the interesting when you isolate them. It'd be pretty cool to have an entire hallway decorated with these things is what I'm saying, if anybody wants to buy me a $300 present today.

In addition to the Kickstarter, you can check out all the pieces on Dove's website, but here are a few of my favorites:


Goldfinger by Sean Dove


You Only Live Twice by Sean Dove



The Spy Who Loved Me by Sean Dove


Goldeneye by Sean Dove


And my personal favorite Bond film...


The Man With The Golden Gun by Sean Dove


Seriously. Bond vs. Dracula in an amusement park deathtrap. It is possibly the perfect movie.