Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to live longer? Medical science is far off from immortality, but scientists have discovered how men can live longer. Thanks to a procedure that would horrify many men, if you have the desire and cajones this may be for you.

Korean researchers have discovered how men can extend their lifespans, although just the thought of the procedure would many many men think twice about if it's really worth adding a few years to life. The secret of living longer for men is the dreaded 'C' word - castration.

Yes thanks to medical science it has been shown that castration can provide a longer, although not as enjoyable, life. Thanks to enuchs living between 1392-1910, or men who have been castrated, researchers have shown they outlived other men. The researchers claim the reason men live shorter lives than women has to do with sex hormones and the role they play in the shorter lifespans of the male population.

Many of the castrated Korean boys unfortunately lost their manhood in accidents such as having 'it' bitten off by a dog(one can only assume the dog was really hungry.) Some desired to gain early access to the palace during the Korean Chosun dynasty and did so by parting ways with their third leg.

Meticulous records were kept during that period as proof for relatives that they were linked to the nobles. By tracing those records researchers at Inha University and Korea University found the men who parted ways with their junk lived 14 to 19 years longer than other men during the same time period who kept their manhood.

Three of the 81 studied lived to be 100 or more, which they found to be 130 times greater than men who kept their family jewels. The findings were published in the journal Current Biology.