Saturday night in Arlington Virginia a prank turned violent between roommates. The alleged incident took place around 5:30am when 31-year-old James Watson woke up on his couch after a night of drinking, so yes drinking was involved. Watson was the first to pass-out and when we woke up he discovered that one of his roommates had drawn, in permanent marker, a penis on his face.


When Watson discovered the artwork, he became furious and ran upstairs where his roommate was sleeping. Let’s pause here, we all know the rules about this. When a group of guys or gals are partying and the first one to pass-out goes down they become the victims of the prank. It could be the old markers, shaving cream, putting their hand in a bowl of hot water or freezing their bra. It’s the way it has been forever. None is really hurt so why get so upset?


Well, Mr. Watson jumped on top of his roommate and beat the crap out of him. A third roommate heard the commotion and pulled Watson off the guy. Now, here’s how cool this guy is, he waited about an hour and a half before calling the cops even though his eye was swollen shut and bleeding. In the report the roommates admitted they sometimes play pranks on each other while intoxicated.


James Watson:
A night of drinking with your roommates:  $45
Passing out on your couch:   FREE
Beating the crap out of your roommate:  An assault charge
Having your mug shot with a dick on your face passed around the Internet:  Priceless